The HINDSIGHT DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION is a leadership development and Nation building organization. It is a non-profit making, non-governmental, non-partisan, not religious organization established in November, 2004.

The HINDSIGHT DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION is saddled with the responsibility to raise, nurture and groom young people who will build their communities, their nations and positively impact the world with our mindset of leadership orientation “to lead, is to love”.

We believe in leadership in all spheres of life, Godly leaders in business and industry, governance and politics, families and faiths. We believe man was made in Gods image to lead, to have dominion and with the purpose to create a beautiful place for living. Therefore, we prepare young people for leadership in all spheres of life towards future endeavors, challenges and opportunities. We inculcate good morals, right values, positive perspective and acts needed for a real successful life.

We equip young people for leadership towards nation building. By inspiring, motivating and empowering young people in search of place of service/purpose. We believe leadership starts with self for the benefit of all. Our leadership re-orientation is inspired on the basis of LOVE for one another. We see a generation in which love in leadership will be the main source of World’s Peace and Unity.

Our Vision

“To make a better place for living through love in leadership”

Our Mission

To nurture, groom and raise a new generation of transformational leaders who will lead with the love of God to restore and rebuild the dignity of Nationhood.

We are set to:-

  1. Breed people of great leadership minds and abilities with solid foundation in values, knowledge and skills through various re-orientation and skills acquisition programs.
  2. Touch lives and create positive impacts through the actualization of purpose; showing love to the less privileged and meeting the needs of their communities.
  3. Inspire and motivate young and old through presentation of awards and visitation to achieve and accomplished individuals who practiced true leadership in any area of life.

Is to create a change of Mindset of Leadership Orientation that will develop positive attitudes and behavior in young people for effective personal development and active citizenship participation that is needed in the Nation Building process.

• Love
• Service
• Character and
• Godliness

Leadership Development Intervention
Educational Intervention
Economic Intervention
Political Intervention
Technological Intervention

Quality Education for All (Q.E.F.A): This involves voluntary teaching in public schools (Primary and Secondary). This is done to encourage, revive, uphold and instill the dignity of academic excellence in the minds of pupils. As education is a developmental tool to capacity development and nation building.

Leadership Orientation in Schools (L.E.A.D): (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary); this is a project aimed to motivate and inspire these young minds to dream and aspire; to become people of virtue by having the right perspective to life through good morals and values.

Inter Schools Patriotism Competitions (Nigeria My Country): this is national development programme aimed at inculcating patriotism and nation building acts and attitude in the minds of these young ones, helping them to building some sense of national development and community service. “Leadership starts with who we are and from where we are”.

Petty Traders Support Scheme: This is an economic intervention program for men and women whose business capital is less than #10000. This program will support these people with additional capital which is injected into their business on a monthly basis, providing them also with business advisory services and reorientation classes in other to have a growth mindset.

Project Street (Socio-Political Orientation Program): this is a nation building initiative brought down to the unskilled people in the society as a means of carrying them along in the nation building process aimed at giving them right leadership and followership orientation and motivating them to take part in building their communities.

Young Inno-ventors Program:

Project Help: Inspiring the less privileged, organizing seminars on leadership and workshops on vocational skills for vulnerable ones in the society. Also presenting them some basic needs as a token of love.

our Key Approach

  • Home

    Charity they say begins at home, so is leadership. The family is the smallest unit of the society.

  • School

    These are established structure and organized institutions that have the concentration of young people.

  • Communities

    Since every individual have a dwelling place, either residential or commercial.

  • Organizations

    Such as orphanage homes, prisons, civil services, widens the scope and coverage of our reach.

Our volunteers

Carmen Jakes

2 Yrs Experience

Carmen Jakes

2 Yrs Experience

Carmen Jakes

2 Yrs Experience

Carmen Jakes

2 Yrs Experience

We have big hearts

We invest in childhood - every day, in times of crisis & for our future.

“I helped each child with all my heart and good wishes. I feel honored to be part of Hardship NGO so it‘s my pleasure.”

- Jessica Marks
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