About Us

About Us

The HINDSIGHT DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION is a leadership development and Nation building organization. It is a non-profit making, non-governmental, non-partisan, not religious organization established in November, 2004.

The HINDSIGHT DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION is saddled with the responsibility to raise, nurture and groom young people who will build their communities, their nations and positively impact the world with our mindset of leadership orientation “to lead, is to love”.

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Why People Join Us

Our Vision

“To make a better place for living through love in leadership”

Our Mission

To nurture, groom and raise a new generation of transformational leaders who will lead with the love of God to restore and rebuild the dignity of Nationhood.

Our Objectives

We are set to:-

  • Breed people of great leadership minds and abilities with solid foundation in values, knowledge and skills through various re-orientation and skills acquisition programs.
  • Touch lives and create positive impacts through the actualization of purpose; showing love to the less privileged and meeting the needs of their communities.
  • Inspire and motivate young and old through presentation of awards and visitation to achieve and accomplished individuals who practiced true leadership in any area of life.

Our Goal

Is to create a change of Mindset of Leadership Orientation that will develop positive attitudes and behavior in young people for effective personal development and active citizenship participation that is needed in the Nation Building process.

Our Core Values

  • Love
  • Service
  • Character
  • Godliness

Our Interventions

  • Leadership Development Intervention
  • Educational Intervention
  • Educational Economic
  • Educational Political
  • Educational Technological

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